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Down Draft Paint Box

Normally when I need to paint something I’ll take it outside, use a drop cloth or a cardboard box or both.  But lately with the wind and the bugs it’s next to impossible to paint anything and make it nice.  My wife facing these same issues asked me to do something about it.

My other big issue is over spray.  I can’t stand to have paint on the driveway or on the garage floor. I’m not obsessive compulsive about dirt, heck my desk is a mess, but paint is (almost) forever.

So, I looked around for a fan and found an old 8 inch brushless, that burned out after a minute.  I was ticked, so I went to the depot store for a large painting drop cloth.  On the way I got it in my head to create a downdraft paint booth similar to what professional car painters user.

I turned around and went home without buying a thing.  I pulled everything I needed from my scrap bin and started working, without ever drawing a plan.  I would build a half box, sitting on a box holding a box fan and an air filter.  First the part that the painted piece would sit on.


Then another part that the fan could pull air through.  As this was the scrap bin nothing was the right size, but this was more of an experiment so I didn’t hesitate to cobble it together.


Then I broke the tip for the glue, so I make a …nozzle.  yeah, that thing.


Wait…  are those nails?  yeah, I don’t have a lot of clamps so I tacked it to my table.


Then cut out some more parts.  Ran out of 1×2, so cut down some 3/4 inch plywood into the necessary strips.  I was on a roll and nothing was stopping me now. (notice all the sawdust – my number one product)


So a little glue on the tight spots, and nails everywhere else. Since I don’t have a lot of clamps I used weights.  They were dusty.


After some assembly (I should get a GoPro for this), it was finished. I took two 2×6 boards and cut them down to make  2 L shapes.  This  stand would allow air to exit the back.  The reason I didn’t build this into the box itself was I needed it small enough to fit under a table.


So install fan, install filter,  power it up and grab some paint and give it a test run.


Then checked the paper I placed underneath to check how effective it was working.  Not a bit of paint.


So after multiple paint jobs I pull the filter to see how bad it is.


I think I spent less then 4 hours on this project, not including drying time and while it is not one of my nicest projects, its very useful.  And while I can now paint in the garage, the fumes are still present, so I keep the door up.